Firwin chemical spray shields are custom manufactured to provide spray and leak containment from accidental gasket rupture in piping systems conveying corrosive fluids, or fluids under high pressure.
  • LFP™ chemical spray shields, our new technology fabric is translucent, has exceptional tear strength, is considered chemically inert, and is reusable.
Using a non-porous, all-PTFE material, LFP™ Chemical Spray Shields guarantee performance against harmful spray out and leakage regardless of the severity and duration of chemical exposure.

Many materials used for spray shields, like PTFE coated fiberglass, can be weakened by challenging industrial environments and often require monitoring. With an LFP Chemical Spray Shield, the body and drawstrings are all made of 100% PTFE. This ensures that worker safety will not be jeopardized by degraded materials in a spray shield in the event of a spray out at a flange. Since the LFP Chemical Spray Shield will be unaffected by even the most corrosive chemical environments, chemical compatibility tables do not need to be referenced.

The translucent material used in an LFP Chemical Spray Shield allows safe and easy detection of moisture leakage at the flange. If leakage does occur at the flange, the spray shield can be cleaned and reused without concern for weakening due to chemical attack.

LFP Chemical Spray Shields can be used in a pH range of 1-14 and a temperature range of -100ºF (-73ºC) to 550ºF (288ºC). The versatility and cost-effectiveness of this type of spray shield allows it to be used in almost all industrial settings such as marine, offshore, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, FDA approved, cryogenic, and clean room applications.

LFP is the winner of the 1995 Dupont Plunkett Award and Chemical Processing’s Vaaler award. LFP has been specified by the U.S. Navy as a flexible chemical liner for the next generation of nuclear submarines.

Benefits / features
- Unaffected by constant exposure to wet, chemical environments
- Rated for 500ºF (260ºC) constant exposure
- Unaffected by ultraviolet exposure
- Zero porosity
- One-piece design
- Translucent material allow for leak detection
- Drawstring is all-PTFE cord
- Curl over inhibits side spray-out
- Reusable
- Available in many colours
- Many options, such as drain nipples, are available
- Custom sizes are available
  • VALVE AND FLOWMETER shields are available by special order. Firwin has manufactured shields for a wide variation of types and sizes. Send in your measurement details on the Spray Shield drawing sheet available from Firwin.
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Item #

Flange Outside Diameter

Pipe OD


FSP-LFP-0.5 N/A 3.25 Inch N/A .5 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-0.75 N/A 3.88 Inch N/A .75 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-01 N/A 4.5 Inch N/A 1 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-01.5 N/A 5 Inch N/A 1.5 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-02 N/A 6 Inch N/A 2 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-02.5 N/A 7 Inch N/A 2.5 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-03 N/A 7.5 Inch N/A 3 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-04 N/A 9 Inch N/A 4 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-05 N/A 9 Inch N/A 5 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-06 N/A 11 Inch N/A 6 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-08 N/A 13.5 Inch N/A 8 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-10 N/A 16 Inch N/A 10 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-12 N/A 19 Inch N/A 12 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-14 N/A 21 Inch N/A 14 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-16 N/A 23.5 Inch N/A 16 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-18 N/A 25 Inch N/A 18 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-20 N/A 27.5 Inch N/A 20 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP-24 N/A 32 Inch N/A 24 Inch N/A 150 psi
FSP-LFP3-0.5 N/A 3.75 Inch N/A .5 Inch N/A 300 psi
FSP-LFP3-0.75 N/A 4.625 Inch N/A .75 Inch N/A 300 psi
FSP-LFP3-01 N/A 4.875 Inch N/A 1 Inch N/A 300 psi
FSP-LFP-301.25 N/A 5.25 Inch N/A 1.25 Inch N/A 300 psi
FSP-LFP-301.5 N/A 6.125 Inch N/A 1.5 Inch N/A 300 psi
FSP-LFP3-01.5 N/A 6.125 Inch N/A 1.5 Inch N/A 300 psi
FSP-LFP-302 N/A 6.5 Inch N/A 2 Inch N/A 300 psi
1 - 25 of 35 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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