ThermoWrap insulation blankets, also known as insulation covers or jackets, are found on valves of every shape and stripe - gate valves, flow valves, butterfly valves, etc. - as well as flanges, instrumentation panels, actuators, and of course process piping.

ThermoWrap blankets are generally used in lower temperature applications (typically well below 500°F) than their diesel and gas engine counterparts, where temperatures run 600°F and upwards.

This results in ThermoWrap blankets having a somewhat different 'look'-
  • Both the inner and outer covers for ThermoWrap blankets are typically made from silicone / PTFE reinforced fiberglass (as opposed to engine blankets, where the inner surface is typically stainless steel mesh).
  • Polyester Velcro fastening and draw strings are common sights on ThermoWrap blankets; engine blankets are often too hot for drawstrings or Velcro (even the higher temperature options like Nomex).

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