Wildamp Sheet Form Sound Deadeners control resonant vibrations on sheet metal structures and also reduce the loudness and duration of random impact noises.

Wildamp is a filled viscoelastic asphalt/polymer acoustical sheeting material designed for cost- effective vibration damping.

Wildamp has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing which is protected by an easily strippable liner. The permanent acrylic adhesive exhibits high tack resulting in 100% contact for maximum damping effectiveness.
Unit of Measure



  • Vehicle Body Panels
  • Ductwork, Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
  • Appliance Cabinets, i.e. dishwashers
  • Metal Office Furniture; lockers
  • Sinks and Bathtubs
  • Machine Housings; chutes and bins


  • Excellent Damping
  • High Tack Permanent Adhesive
  • Clean, Easy to Handle
  • Sheets or Die Cut Pieces Available

Product & Performance Data

Sheet Size

N/A .29" X 32" (6.44 sq. ft. per sheet)


N/A Black


N/A 1.8 g/cc 110 lbs./cu. ft.

Sheet Thickness

N/A .070" and .118"

Weight per sq. ft.

N/A .70 lbs. @ .070" thickness 1.16 lbs. @ .118" thickness


N/A Permanent Acrylic

Material Type

N/A Asphalt based

Oberst Loss Factor

N/A .08 @ .070" thickness .12 @ .118" thickness

Operating Frequency

N/A 63 - 4,000 Hz

Operating Temperature

N/A -30º to 400º F -34º to 205º C


N/A Self extinguishing, Passes MVSS 302, ASTMD1692, UL94HB.

Other Features

  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Solvents may leach small amounts of asphalt from material - but it will not be damaged.
  • Paintable-improves solvent resistance.

Application Guidelines

General Use Rule

N/A Up to 20 Ga. use .070 in.
Up to 16 Ga. use .118 in.
For thicker panels use up to 2 times panel thickness by combining layers. Full coverage is best but adequate results can often be obtained by treating- the middle or most active part of the panel. Experiment with progressively larger treated areas until desired reductions have been achieved.

Directions for Use

N/A Wildamp can be easily cut with common utility knives or can be ordered die cut to size.

It is recommended that Wildamp be applied at room temperatures (60º F plus). When bonding to metal surfaces, simply remove the release liner and press firmly into position using a roller to ensure total surface contact. The surfaces must be clean and dry. Where surfaces are problematic, a pre-coating of EC 1099 Plastic Adhesive will aid adhesion.