AcoustiGuard™ Curtain Systems provide high performance noise control solutions in areas where solid walls or hard panel enclosures may not be acceptable due to production or access requirements. These cost effective, attractive panels are easily maintained (cleanable) and configured to-individual applications. Noise Control objectives are achieved while maintaining full access and minimizing installation disruption.

AcoustiGuard™ Panels come complete with standard Hook & Loop fasteners to attach adjacent panels on side edges and grommets along the top edge to hang from various track systems. Framing and suspension methods I can be floor or ceiling I supported from standard pipe, steel tube or slide track assemblies. Standard slide track will allow point entrance or large sections to be collapsed for fast, large scale access. These modular systems can be easily relocated and individual panels can be custom shaped to suit any application. Access panels, penetrations and windows are available at any point or can be site fitted at a later date as required.

AcoustiGuard™ curtain panels are extremely rugged and will provide the modern manufacturing facility a long term, cost effective solution for most noise control requirements.
Unit of Measure



N/A Durable - Materials able to provide years of tough service.
Economical- Much less expensive than metal enclosures.
Maximum Flexibility- Easily accessible, moveable and reusable. Products can be field modified.
Specialty Features - Feeder ports, and conveyor openings, slide-away panels and doors.


  • Enclosures For Noisy Equipment
  • Plant Dividers
  • Moveable Screens
  • Office Cross Talk Barriers
  • Operator Noise Shields - Comfort Zones

Curtain Styles To Suit All Applications

N/A 1. Quilted Barrier-Absorber Panels
Style 'ABA'. This curtain composite provides the highest performance by combining a transmission loss element with absorptive facings.

2. Reinforced Limp Barrier Material
Style 'RB'. For High contamination areas - will withstand direct water or oil spray. Can be combined with absorber face on one side.

3 & 4. Clear view / Opaque Barrier Strip
Ideal for feeder ports, i.e. conveyors and personnel access. Self closing.

5. Clear PVC Barrier
Where visibility is required for safety or viewing machinery in operation.