AcoustiGuard ™ Quilted Barrier / Absorber Curtains are high quality noise control curtains that combine the properties of a limp, high mass acoustic barrier and durable quilted sound absorbing facings.

This combination of barrier / absorber layers provides superior transmission loss with reduced noise levels even on the 'noise' side of the curtain. Quilted composites are designed to contain and absorb reflected and broadcast noise within enclosed areas and along transmission paths.

Excellent reductions are achieved when the curtains are strategically placed to shield employees from noise sources by surrounding the source itself. Other effective treatments include comfort zones created to isolate work and communication areas from noisy production machinery. AcoustiGuard™ curtains are an alternate choice to rigid panels and structures which can create access, production or maintenance problems.
Unit of Measure


Curtain Composition

N/A The most common configuration incorporates a 1 lb. per sq. ft., flexible, loaded vinyl barrier between 2 layers of 1" quilted fiberglass absorbers. An outer facing of fire rated vinyl coated fiberglass cloth provides an extremely durable surface - silver/grey colour standard, beige available. Other styles include a single absorber layer (1" or 2") with a reinforced barrier for extra long panels or applications where one surface must withstand very high contamination or brasion.

All edges are bound and come complete with grommets along the top for hanging. Hook & Loop strip fasteners on the sides attach adjoining panels and eliminate gaps and transmission paths. This feature permits quick access to enclosed areas for regular maintenance and machinery operation. Panels are available with rigid cores for use as enclosure roofs or walls which must support lightweight fixtures or brackets. AcoustiGuard™ Curtains are highly resistant to most contaminants found in industrial environments and are easily cleaned (may be steam cleaned).


N/A Plain 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 lb. per sq. ft. - Reinforced 1.0 lb. per sq. ft.


N/A 1.0 inch and 2.0 inch quilted fiberglass.

Standard Widths

N/A 54" wide by required lengths - custom widths available to size finish systems.

Curtain Systems

N/A AcoustiGuard™ Curtain Panels are typically hung from a pipe frame on 'S' hooks or bolted to threaded stud strips or fabricated frames. Frames can be floor or ceiling supported. Slider track provides fast, easy access and clear-strip doors allow self closing personnel access. Wilrep's proprietary swivel supports used with the slider track allows long curtain sections to be collapsed flat providing large access areas.