Most recommended adhesive to use with any of the AcoustiGuard™ sheet or roll goods. Will not damage or react with the Barymat barrier or Conasorb acoustic foam products.
  • Provides excellent adhesion to bare metal, painted metal, primed wood, glass and many types of plastic, rubber and vinyl.
  • 1099 is a fast drying, high strength adhesive offering excellent resistance to weathering, water, oil, fuel and migrating plastizers used in vinyl goods.
  • Single surface application, 1099 adhesive need only be applied to surface that acoustic material is being fastened to, i.e.enclosure panel. Apply with disposable brushes, cardboard / plastic spreaders.
  • Coverage is approx. 1 litre per sheet (27 sq. ft.).
Unit of Measure


Available in

N/A 1, 3.75 and 18.5 LITRE CANS