T-Wrap™ is designed to provide the flexibility of tape with the added benefits of removable insulation blankets. The product features a silicone coated fiberglass outer cover, similar to Firwin’s standard removable insulation blankets. Underneath is either 1/4" or 1/2" fiberglass insulation. Hook and Loop strips line either side of the T-Wrap™ for easy fastening and removal. The product can be applied ‘straight on’ over the pipe, or wrapped around the pipe in a spiral fashion.

Firwin’s T-Wrap™ is particularly suited for insulating:
  • Electrically traced lines
  • Glycol lines
  • Instrumentation lines
  • Small valves
  • Small piping and tubing

The product is available in 20 ft. lengths and can easily be cut to shorter lengths using scissors. Available sizes range from 4” wide (0.25" O.D.) to 17" wide (4.00" O.D.).

Service Temperature: -67°F/-55°C to 200°F/95°C (** Temperature rating is to protect the hook and loop fastening system. If the hook and loop is kept away from the hot surface, a service temperature of 250°F/120°C can be acheived. Higher temperatures are available, please contact Firwin for more details).