Over the last several years Firwin Corp. has been developing a special line of insulation products aimed at meeting the stringent safety requirements for underground mining.

MineWrap™ Removable Insulation Blankets

MineWrap™ addresses the major areas of concern of underground mining:
  • Danger of Hydraulic oil spills igniting on hot engine surfaces.
  • Operator burns in confined mine tunnels.
  • Oil seepage into insulation covers posing potential fire hazard.
  • Hard wear conditions of underground mining.

MineWrap Mark II and Mark III
Increased Fire Safety: Both the Mark II and Mark III feature a stainless steel foil inner liner. This liner covers the insulation matt, preventing oil from an oil leak or hose burst from reaching the insulation matt material.

MineWrap Mark III
Extra Rigidity & Safety for Demanding Underground Applications

Reinforced Outer Surface: MineWrap™ Mark III replaces the outer liner with a reinforced stainless steel foil and mesh. This gives an extra measure of rigidity and allows the blanket to stand up to the wear and tear of underground mining.

Joint Safety Seal: For an added measure of safety, the Mark III features a Joint Safety Seal. Typical engine and exhaust insulation are made up of a number of blanket sections, which are manufactured to overlap one another. Although these overlaps are designed to fit snugly against one another, the possiblity exists that oil from a hydraulic hose burst could get in between the blankets and come into contact with hot engine surfaces. The Mark III Joint Safety Seals act as a barrier to these flammable oils, provding an added measure of fire safety.
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