We regularly supply blankets for feller-bunchers made by Timberjack, Blount, John Deere and Riseley Equipment used in the forestry industry.

Hot engine exhausts have a surface temperature considerably higher than the ignition point of dry leaves, twigs, seeds, sawdust and other plant matter.

Fitting Firwin removable insulation blankets reduces the contact temperature on the engine exhaust manifolds, elbows, pipes and muffler to a safe contact surface - giving you protection against spontaneous fires.

Due to the invasive characteristics of dry vegetable matter packing around mufflers and engine parts, it is necessary to leave no section of the exhaust uncovered.

For the maximum protection insulation blankets that are designed to completely cover all parts of the exhaust with protective bands or flaps over the joins where blankets butt up to one another are necessary. In some cases High Temperature Silicone, Fire Stop Caulking and Fiberglass tape may have to be used to fill any gaps.

To avoid cut outs for muffler mounting brackets the brackets/ mounting clamps must be installed over the blanket. This may require modification to the standard feller buncher.

Typical surface temperatures:
Diesel exhaust is 700ºF-900ºF [370ºC-480ºC]
Insulation blanket is 175ºF-220ºF [80-100ºC].
(Vegetable Matter ignites at about 300ºF [150ºC])

Removable insulation blankets are easily removable and reusable where engine maintenance requires access to the exhaust parts.
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