Combine Harvesters, Hay Balers, etc.

Protect your valuable machinery from fire.

Hot engine exhausts have a surface temperature considerably higher that the ignition point of dry leaves, twigs, seeds, fine hairs and other plant matter.

Firwin removable insulation blankets reduce the contact temperature on engine exhaust manifolds, elbows, pipes and muffler to a safe surface contact temperature – giving you protection against spontaneous fires.

Due to the invasive characteristics of dry vegetable matter packing around mufflers and engine parts, it is necessary to leave no section of the exhaust uncovered. For maximum protection, insulation blankets are designed with protective flaps to completely cover joins where blankets butt up to one another. In some cases the blankets will be designed for brackets/clamps to be fitted over the blankets. If needed, fiberglass tape can be used to fill in any remaining gaps. Firwin supplies this specialty tape.

Typical surface temperatures:
  • Diesel exhaust is 700ºF-900ºF [370ºC-480ºC]
  • Insulation blanket is 175ºF-220ºF [80-100ºC].
    (Vegetable Matter ignites at about 300ºF [150ºC])
Blankets are custom built for each piece of machinery.
Insulation blankets are made to order and not kept in stock. Removable insulation blankets are easily removed and replaced where engine maintenance requires access to specific exhaust parts. Blankets have been supplied for John Deere, Case IH, and New Holland Combines & Hay Balers. We can make up blankets for other makes and models.
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