Firwin 2025 Vermiculite is a medium weight, plain weave fiberglass fabric coated with a vermiculite compound that imparts excellent resistance to high temperatures.


Can be used as a flame or heat barrier material on many applications where high cost silica or ceramic fabrics have been used previously.
Unit of Measure


Service Temperature1 N/A 1200ºF Continuous, 1500ºF Intermittent


N/A 0.030" nominal


N/A 17.5 oz/sq.yd ± 10%

Base Fabric

N/A Fiberglass – Plain weave

Color & Coating

N/A Golden Brown Vermiculite

Flame Resistance

Method FED STD 191/5903.2
Flame out 0 Sec
Afterglow <1sec
Char length < 1/8"

Tear Strength

Method FED STD 191/5136
Warp 50 lbs. Min ave.
Fill 25 lbs. Min ave.

Tensile Strength

Method FED STD 191/5102
Warp 400 lb./in ave.
Fill 200 lb./in ave.
  • 1 Material may suffer some degradation of physical properties after extended periods at elevated temperature.

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