Perhaps there is a heat problem that you may have that a removable insulation blanket or shield may help to resolve. Custom solutions for special situations are part of our on-going research and development program.

At Firwin we are always striving to improve existing products and find new solutions for your insulation needs. We have recently taken a Radiant Shield Approach to insulating engine exhausts and shielding sensors and cables.

Heat is made up of two components:
  1. Conducted heat - is heat passed by direct physical heat flow to adjacent surfaces.
  2. Radiant heat - is the transfer of infrared radiant energy from a hot surface to a cold surface through air. The energy strikes a second surface that absorbs the radiant heat energy and thereby increases the temperature of that surface.
Since a high proportion of the heat emitted by an engine is radiated heat, we have found that in certain situations controlled radiant shield technology is an alternative answer to insulation blankets.

Here are some examples of successful Firwin special solutions:

Water Tanker
Application: Maintenance of Cold or Hot Temperatures in a Large Tanker

Off-Road All Purpose Vehicle
Application: 8" x 8" Heat shield to protect solenoids and cables

On-Highway Vehicle
Application: Shield to protect Plastic gas tank from engine heat
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