Fibreglass Tape; 1"w x 1/4"Th x 50' L
Unit of Measure



N/A Firwin is the best choice for thermal insulation of new pipe wrap, wrapping small diameter piping, hoses and applications where lead times are extremely short.


N/A 1/4 Inch


N/A 1 Inch

Optional Features and Benefits

N/A Drop Warp (Ladder Tape): For easy installation over bolts

Graphite Coating : Provides more abrasion resistance. Black color renders a more integrated, blended appearance for the unit. Graphite Coating is permanent at high temperatures.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive on tapes only : When applied to one side of tape, this feature creates economies in production. Eliminates messy (and potentially dangerous) glues and cements from the workplace.

Vermiculite Coating: Increases the temperature resistance over that of regular uncoated fiberglass.


N/A 50 ft

Thermal Conductivity


Temperature Btu in/hr/sq.ft/ ºF
300ºF 0.4
500ºF 0.5
700ºF 0.65